Kim Kardashian finally back on Instagram, she separates from the name of Kanye West

Entertainment 4 January, 2017

FINALLY ! If Kim Kardashian has just made her big comeback on social networks, she has also decided to change her surname and remove that of Kanye West.
We do not know where to head with the couple! The two lovers are turning us into jenny for several months and it is not ready to finish. While Kim Kardashian has revealed a very intimate video just a few hours, it has also distracted the Internet unexpectedly. Our dear Kim K and her dear and tender, Kanye West, have a few emotional problems. The rumors of divorce are going well and this new gesture of the star of reality TV comes to put a little more oil on the fire. We know the name of the sister of Kylie and Khloé is “Kim Kardashian West” . Well, on social networks, she decided to change everything. Kim Kardashian has decided to separate from her married name and rependre her maiden name. Is this really the end of the couple Kimye ? In any case, for its return on the Web, it strikes a great blow!
In the space of a few hours, Kim Kardashian has panicked the Web . Whether on Twitter or Instagram, North and St. West’s mother changed her last name several times. As we can find out by clicking HERE , it is changed from “Kim Kardashian West” to “Kim” . The Web became inflamed by discovering this change. However, it seems that she has reversed her decision. A few seconds later, she decides to resume her marital name. What a little farce this Kim! The icing on the cake, the wife of Kanye West publishes for the first time since its aggression in Paris a photo on the social networks. It was time ! She is discovered in the company of her husband but also of her two children. Is it a way to silence divorce rumors? Stay tuned … One thing is certain, 2017 starts well for Kim Kardashian, who had a 2016 rather hectic. Are you happy with Kim Kardashian’s return to social networks?