Kim Kardashian focused in Paris, the latest details of the investigation!

Entertainment 12 January, 2017

The investigation continues as part of the robbery of Kim Kardashian and the editor of melty unveils the latest details of the case without further delay.
After three months of investigation, the suppression of banditry Brigade (BRB) has finally managed to locate the suspected robbers Kim Kardashian and that, after his attack on Paris . A terrible night in October 2016 during which the TV-reality star was threatened with a weapon, stolen from his precious jewelry before being locked in the bathroom of his mansion. An episode more than traumatizing which then pushed the young woman of 36 years to be discreet on the social networks. But then again it gradually surface Kim Kardashian learned the good news: 17 people were taken into custody, including three women. And while rumors have left thinking that the steering Kim Kardashian was planned by his entourage , this is clearly not the case. Moreover, discover without further delay the final details of the investigation.
According to information reported by BFM TV , three people were released from police custody on Tuesday night. But that’s not all ! Since we learned today that four others have also been released in the Wednesday and Thursday night . And while the driver of Kim Kardashian was arrested there are few, it has also been cleared of all charges. Therefore, according to the latest information released by BFMTV , ten people – including potential aggressors five of Women Kanye West – are still and always heard by the suppression of banditry Brigade. Suspects aged 54 to 72 years and are already known to the police . Some “recognized” their involvement as an informant close to the case. The investigation then follows its course. The news should please Kim Kardashian . But will she find her stolen jewelry and especially her engagement ring at $ 4 million? This is possible if we are to believe the words of a source to Us Weekly asserting that a serious track is currently being studied. Case to follow therefore. In your opinion, will the investigation be completed soon?