Kim Kardashian: Her sextape has devastated her family according to Kris Jenner

Entertainment 29 June, 2017

Kim Kardashian became known thanks to KUWTK, but especially thanks to his sextape! A video that caused panic in his family, according to Kris Jenner …
The war resumes between Kris and Caitlyn Jenner ! The momager did not like her ex being reconciled with Kylie and Kendall, and she would be furious against her. Since her debut in the first season of The Incredible Kardashian Family in 2007, the momager manages with an iron hand the image of her clan in the media. And she does not appreciate that her ex rebel publicly revealing secrets embarrassing in her memories! But if Caitlyn mentioned some of the momager’s lies, she did not mention one of the biggest family scandals: the publication in 2007 of the sextape of Kim Kardashian . Just like her BFF of the time, Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian turned a sextape with the rapper Ray J, who according to her fled on the Toila. She negotiated the rights to broadcast the video with Vivid Entertainment for the tidy sum of $ 5 million, and this scandal allowed to advertise in the first season of KUWTK which aired soon after. But according to Kris Jenner, Kim’s sextape was a disaster for his family .
Indeed, in an interview for The Hollywood Reporter , Kris Jenner spoke of this sulphurous video: “It was one of the most horrible things we had to go through as a family . ” Part of the audience thinks that the sextape has been shot and diffused in order to make Kim Kardashian a star, which Kris Jenner finds “offensive” . She replies, “Of course it’s absurd. You know, the haters are going to rage, people will find the most ridiculous things to say . ” But since her challenging debut Kim Kardashian, who recently poked her on Twitter , has chained the controversy, and she still managed to found an empire! The young lady, Who recently joined Kylie Jenner, launched her own brand of beauty products, and it is likely that many of her fans have forgotten her debut . What do you think about Kris Jenner?