Kim Kardashian: His assailants arrested, his lawyer reacts

Entertainment 9 January, 2017

While the suspects of the Kim Kardashian robbery were arrested, the lawyer of the star spoke on this subject!
Last October, Kim Kardashian was deflected into his hotel room in Paris while she was staying in France on the occasion of the Fashion Week. The star was traumatized by this terrible experience. But good news for Kim Kardashian! The suspects steering just been arrested by the police. The mother of North and Saint will surely be relieved to learn it. The lawyer of Kim Kardashian, Jean Veil, was quick to speak following the arrest of suspects during an interview with the Express . “I welcome this information with great satisfaction. For the time being, we know very little about these suspects, but we must salute the fine work of the police and the judicial institution, which carried out the investigations in the utmost confidentiality. We had not been informed of these developments and did not try to be, because it would have been against-productive . “, he said.
Kim Kardashian had been accused of theft invented to make the buzz and committing the same time an insurance fraud. Jean Veil is delighted that the arrest of the suspects put a definite end to these rumors completely false . “These arrests are a nice surprise, because, on the one hand, this will perhaps make it possible to find the jewelry and on the other hand, it puts an end to the speculations unworthy of some, who thought clever to pretend that this robbery was staged or Mrs. Kardashian publicity stunt. It’s a real snub to them. ” the lawyer added. If after this robbery and rumors of divorce from Kanye West, 2016 had ended badly for Kim Kardashian , 2017 seems to smile at him again. And what do you think of the statements of Kim Kardashian’s lawyer?