Kim Kardashian: His deflection planned by his entourage?

Entertainment 10 January, 2017

And if in the end, the robbery of which Kim Kardashian was victim was indeed a mounted shot? His entourage could be involved!
On the night of 2 to 3 October, Kim Kardashian was deflected and was stolen many jewelry . Very quickly, the rumors of conspiracy were born on the Web. But if Kim Kardashian has obviously not mounted his assault of any room, someone in his entourage could have easily engineer the theft, according to a report of January 9, the newspaper Le Monde . Police arrested the suspects steering Kim Kardashian , not less than 17 persons who were arrested by the authorities. During the interrogations, an important detail emerged: one suspect works for a car company that Kim used and was the last person to be driving on the day of the attack. The police said the individual could then have given the thieves information about the hotel in which Kim Kardashian was staying.
For its part, M6 also reports that some of the other suspects “may have been in contact with the Kardashians” Was Kanye West’s wife betrayed by her family? Following the arrest of the suspects, the lawyer of Kim Kardashian spoke about the robbery . Jean Veil then revealed that the star was “very happy” and “very relieved” and described the coup rumors mounted unworthy. However, if his client probably had nothing to do with this plot, other Kardashian could! That is terrifying! As for the mother of North and Saint, it may soon have to face his attackers in court , his nightmare is unfortunately far from over. And do you think one of Kim Kardashian’s relatives could work with the suspects?