Kim Kardashian: His stolen jewelry was melted and his diamonds re-cut

Entertainment 18 January, 2017

The American star will not see the color of his gold again.
The languages of thugs with premeditated aggression Kim Kardashian on 3 October in Paris are loosened. According to information reported Wednesday by BFMTV , one of the suspects recently arrested by the French authorities in the matter of turning the reality TV star said that ” the stolen jewelry (…) [had] been converted to facilitate resale “.
Contacted by our confreres, an expert detailed the process generally used by brigands to sell such materials. ” They separate the stone of the metal. On the one hand, they will melt the metal and on the other, they will shrink stones completely normally, trying to remove all markings or change the shape. Because if a typical form in quite exceptional jewelry, if a ring is’ cushion ‘, they will perhaps shape it’ , “he told the president of the Federation of jewelers, Jerome Guillochon.
The chances therefore diminish for bimbo , 36, who hoped one day trace its valuable assets. In total, almost 10 million euros of jewelry have been extracted, whose imposing engagement ring offered by Kanye West in October 2013. A twenty carats diamond carved by jeweler Lorraine Schwartz felt alone about 4 , 5 million euros.