Kim Kardashian: His strange new project unveiled!

Entertainment 10 March, 2017

If she has been discreet for several months, Kim Kardashian prepares her return. Moreover, his new strange project has just been unveiled …
If there is a star who will always come to surprise us, it is Kim Kardashian. Yes, the star of reality TV astonishes her fans on a daily basis and she is not ready to finish. Moreover, when one discovers the metamorphosis of Kim Kardashian as a man , one remains open-mouthed. In a few days, season 13 of The Incredible Kardashian Family will be unveiled and we should know more about what really happened in Paris during the Fashion Week last October. As a reminder, Kim Kardashian was assaulted in his Parisian hotel in the middle of the night. Following this, the wife of Kanye West remained very discreet. But the more the months go by, the more Kim K returns to the front of the stage. Today, It will unveil a new project quite … amazing! No, but really!
Kim Kardashian ‘s books do not appeal to everyone. The evidence a few days ago, a 74-year-old man was arrested while he was vandalizing several copies of Kim Kardashian’s memoirs. Today, it is discovered that the star of the American reality TV, KUWTK , had another idea of ​​work. According to the RadarOnline site , Kim K would have the ambition to bring out a cookbook completely bare. Sorry ? Yes, yes, you have understood . The mother of North and Saint West would propose recipes of cooking and of course, it is not the dishes that would be honored, but well it. What is the purpose of this book? The question still arises. However, as we know, If Kim Kardashian prepares his return , one should expect to be surprised. So what do you think of Kim K’s project?