Kim Kardashian in Dubai makes a well-calibrated media return, we tell you how!

Entertainment 17 January, 2017

Back on our screens, Kim Kardashian version 2017 appears changed. Less bling bling, more family, is all this true?
This week, Kim Kardashian is back on the media scene . After the trauma, grief and retired for three months, the socialite was back in service. Business does not wait. On the occasion of a Master Class Artist lively makeup by Mario Dedivanovic held at the Zabeel Saray Hotel in Dubai, Kim has provided good advice and showed us a new side. The 300 students (who nevertheless paid minimum $ 700 ) were able to admire the new Kim. Actually the return of Kim Kardashian has been orchestrated and took place in several stages.

On Instagram, Kim Kardashian is very close to his two toddlers

Hyperactive on Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat , Kim Kardashian was omnibulée by his character even going to consider it as its North accessory with which she matchait its looks. During his absence, Kim spoke his silence. Fleeing red carpets and other appearances, Kim dumb sparked unprecedented waiting with thousands of the people begging to come back. His physical return to Dubai was preceded by a digital back with a family photograph posted on January 1 . This is his most liked cliché, with more than 4 million hearts to this day.

Kim seems to have lightened his style

Before his steering, Kim Kardashian had become the fashion shows featuring the latest designer pieces and extravagant behavior with which he was known. During his media break, Kim was apperçue mostly in hooded sweatshirt (even Christmas!) And adopting a minimal aesthetic … its course way. Also during his Master Class. Kim Kardashian appeared in simple white top and denim ultra destroy . Exit jewelry and makeup plastered Kim Version 2017 decided to be in the simplicity. Besides, during his Master Class in Dubai, Kim told not want to wear a lot of makeup except for its upcoming red carpets .

Kim seems to be focused on his family now!
Despite his return to the business and networks, Kim Kardashian wants to convey a perfect housewife image . Instagram for example, it multiplies the posts dedicated to North and Saint but also to her husband Kanye West who has struggled at the end of 2016. During his retirement media, Kim took the opportunity to redefine his mother image . Here, the goal is clear, Kim wants to show that once the cameras are off, she is a housewife pretty much like the others.
But has it really changed?

Kim back in Dubai is all flaming
If his back on Instagram family was welcomed , it was quickly raised questions. Indeed, pro of the staging, Kim seems particularly perfect in its new role. Also, it was hard to believe minimalism advocated Kim Kardashian after seeing his stories on Snapchat in Dubai where the beautiful seemed to resume his blazing habits along with Scott Disick and his assistant Stephanie Sheppard. Kim Kardashian Dubai seemed at ease. Whether his desire to be simpler is sincere or not, it is clear that Kim’s natural flame-spreader is fast emerging. The following months will enlighten us as to the real intentions of Kim .