Kim Kardashian insulted by Charlie Sheen, he apologizes!

Entertainment 26 January, 2017

Kim Kardashian was the target of virulent remarks from Charlie Sheen. From the statements that made polemic and the latter wanted to apologize for those. You are told more.

Yesterday writing said that Charlie Sheen violently insulted Kim Kardashian . Why did he get to the reality show star? According to the US website TMZ , Kimye have refused to sign an autograph for a little girl six years old , a refusal would have deeply saddened because the small “cry every night” since. Yes, when you have that age, you still take things futile very close to heart … Finally, we will not criticize the reaction of this little, she can understand! Speaking of criticism, if there is a well that did not hesitate to comment on the case, it is the actor Charlie Sheen . Indeed, the latter violently insulted the beloved Kanye West and stated, inter alia: “Your audience loves you then give him something in return or, fuck you f * ther!” . Here’s a rather strong reaction to a refusal to sign an autograph … The words of Charlie Sheen has of course a lot of noise and having “emptied his bag” , he wanted to apologize . We explain everything.
Kim Kardashian might be ungrateful as Khloe Kardashian , this is not a reason for the woman to be the target of about as hard as those given by Charlie Sheen. The latter took conscience of the evil of his statements and wished to apologize via his account Twitter : “Dear Kim, I’m sorry I’m really embarrassed that I did I was upset about.. Bullshit that had nothing to do with you I was worried about a story I heard I wrote bad things you do not deserve Never I’m often an idiot as often as I am a genius. Today, I clearly was the first. Hugs ” . The apology be enough for Kim to pardon him? Stay tuned … What do you think of the reaction of Charlie Sheen?