Kim Kardashian: Pascal Duvier, his former bodyguard, comes out of his silence

Entertainment 16 January, 2017

While the first indictments in the case of the assault of Kim Kardashian were pronounced last week, Pascal Duvier, his muscular bodyguard at the time of the facts, has just evoked the consequences of the aggression Of her former patroness over her life.
His contract with Kim Kardashian was similar to that of a marriage contract, it was for better or for worse! And unfortunately for this beautiful baby of 1m93 and 119 kilos, the worst came. Absent during the famous October night when her boss was attacked in Paris, Pascal Duvier entered the light , it nevertheless intended to be a protective shadow.
This is also governed by the desire to do justice to the businesswoman , that after the robbery, the German bodyguard had promised he would ” regain ” the authors of the ” disgusting ” attack. But Kim Kardashian and Kanye West did not leave him time and thank a month later, thus ending a collaboration that was running since 2012 . The couple preferring beef up its protection e n recruiting former members of the CIA and the Israeli army.
Disappeared from radar screens after still faced some suspicion , this former judo champion has just delivered to Fairfax Media what were the consequences for him of that agonizing night. ” I do not like to waste my time to wonder ‘what if’ or ‘if only I had …” Lots of good and bad things happen. Life is a chain of reactions, decisions and choices you make, you can not decide to change only certain things. Each change impacts everything else , “he philosophized.
For man has to look forward and not trample in rancor notably because money is a need in his home; It would be indebted to the amount of one million euros. Money that would notably have done by giving his story to media: ” Everyone close to me was harassed for answers from me. This is not cool, but this is how this type of business works ” . But man has a code of honor and does not want to go wrong in what does not resemble him.
Also, he will not say more for ” do not compromise the investigation ,” Pascal Duvier does seem to have turned the page Kardashian , now focusing on ” new challenges “. One of his relatives, in effect, told ET that he had already bounced back: ” He will work with Fergie for the tour following the release of his album [ Double Dutchess , ed].”