Kim Kardashian pays tribute to Barack Obama in pictures

Entertainment 21 January, 2017

A page of America is turning and a new one starts with the accession of Donald Trump to power. Since yesterday, many thanks messages are flying on social networks for the departure of Barack Obama and Kim Kardashian is one of them!
It’s official since yesterday! Donald Trump is now the 45th president of the United States, a vote that was concretized yesterday when he entered the White House alongside the new first lady Melania Trump. This means that Barack and Michele Obama had to say goodbye to the habits they had for 8 years. The election of Donald Trump is still a fact that many Americans but also celebrities have a hard time accepting. And yet, they had to say goodbye to the favorite President of many stars, including Kim Kardashian! The bimbo of reality show that resurfaced at the beginning of the year after long months of absence following its robbery in Paris last October, paid tribute to Barack and Michele Obama on the social networks like many other stars! Anyway at Kim Kardashian, nothing goes with Kanye West but hopeful …
The tributes and thanks to Barack Obama and the former first lady of the United States fuse yesterday on the social networks while Donald Trump officially acceded to the power. It’s via his Instagram account on which she made her comeback Kim Kardashian unveiled some shots in the company of former President! Especially found there a family picture where Kanye West, North and Kim pose with Barack Obama while on another, the star is only with the former president with full fun . On the last, North West meets Barack Obama, what an honor for the little girl! These pictures were accompanied by small messages such as “Thank you, Mr. President, we will miss you” or “What a time! I posted a few memories on my website / application. I can not wait to show it all to my children one day ” . Kim Kardashian has even unveiled a small anecdote: “Oh Northie North therefore wept Potus offered him his M & M’s in the White House she smiled when I opened the box but I wanted to keep them in memory so I would not!. leave the room and she cried again ” . Poor little North! If the family seems happy about his photos, Kanye West Kim Kardashian would have begged not to leave … Are you sad departure of Barack Obama?