Kim Kardashian recounts being mentally prepared for rape during her robbery

Kim Kardashian told a little more about his attack on the night of October 2 to 3, 2016 in his hotel room in Paris. Her greatest fear was that her attackers would take advantage of her.

In the Sunday episode of The Incredible Kardashian Family broadcast in the United States, Kim Kardashian has returned to his assault in his hotel room in Paris. She confesses that she prepared herself ” mentally to be raped” during the robbery, and in tears, coiled up in a black plaid, the young mother expressed her calvary : ” I caught my legs and I was naked underneath, Came closer to him on the edge of the bed and I said, “Ok, they’re going to rape me, that’s for sure.” I was mentally ready for that … And they finally did nothing . Legs and pointed his gun at me and I was sure he was going to shoot me in the head.

Kanye West spoke in the episode about the moment when he heard that his wife had been tapped . ” If something had happened to you, I would not have stopped until I had Killed these guys . ” Kim Kardashian is convinced that his robbers spied on him to carry out their plan. ” I keep thinking about it and there is probably a group of guys who have followed us all the way. On Snapchat I was telling myself that I was alone in my room when everyone went out to party, so I think they knew that Pascal (Duvier, his bodyguard) was with Kourtney and that I was Alone … They had this window of ‘

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