Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Carrie Fisher … Our Top People of December

Entertainment 3 January, 2017

On the peoples side, the last month of the year was more than hectic! From the death of Carrie Fisher to the betrayal of Rihanna by Drake to the reappearances of Kim Kardashian, find out what to remember this December!
The month of December is over, just like the year 2016! A year that was not the best on the side of the peoples. Between divorces, separations, dramas, deceptions, clashes … We can say that 2016 was a year more than animated! The Kardashian family was particularly affected by this black year, especially Kim Kardashian but also his brother Rob. Between aggression, health problems and problems of couple, nothing is more in the empire! This month was particularly sad following the death of George Michael but also of Carrie Fisher, the beloved Princess Leia in Star Wars. Discover our Top People of December without further delay. But who blew up the news for the last month of 2016?
5 – Bella Thorne deceives Tyler Posey with Charlie Puth!
Since this summer, the couple Bella Thorne / Tyler Posey was dreaming a lot of people! If the two lovers showed qu’inséparables also fulfilled and very happy, their story ended there yesterday … While pictures of Bella Thorne and Charlie Puth turned on the Web, showing the two young Artists very close, Bella was immediately accused of deceiving Tyler Posey! If Charlie Puth did not hesitate to apologize to the actor of Teen Wolf saying not to understand the behavior of Bella Thorne and thinking that they had broken, Tyler Posey did not react to what arrived. He would even be willing to make a long break on social networks in the near future. As for Bella Thorne, the young woman justified her rapprochement with Charlie Puth with the fact that Tyler and she would have broken since the beginning of December already. Since then, the young woman has had fun kissing a woman for the new year … It’s to lose her head!
4 – Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna separate (again), but not for long …
This is not new, between Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian it’s a little “I love you, me either”. A few days before Christmas, Chyna disappeared from the family home with the little Dream because of messages that were unveiled by a hacker via her Instagram account. According to these messages, Blac Chyna would not like Rob Kardashian and would use it for the notoriety of his family. For the first Christmas of Dream and most certainly after some explanations, the couple reconciled and celebrated Christmas together. Just before the New Year, Rob Kardashian was hospitalized urgently due to his problems of diabetes mingled with strong stress. Fortunately, nothing serious for the man of the Kardashian clan who ended the year with his daughter and his future wife. The best way to start 2017 which will normally give birth to the wedding of the two lovebirds.
3 – Carrie Fisher, aka Princess Leia, has flown …
The Star Wars fans have been hit hard by this year end 2016 as Carrie Fisher aka Princess Leia died this Friday, November 27th . The causes of his death are not yet officially known even if a heart attack is certainly the cause of his departure. Last December 23 while the star was en route to return to Los Angeles, the actress had a heart attack while the plane was to land 15 minutes later. According to the passengers’ testimony, Carrie Fisher would not have regained consciousness for nearly 15 minutes. This discomfort resulted in an operation that her relatives believed was successful since her family thought she was out of business and on the voice of healing. One day after the announcement of the death of Carrie Fisher, her mother, Debbie Reynolds, left in her turn. Hard blow for the family of the two actresses …
2 – Drake and Jennifer Lopez as a couple, Rihanna is angry!
Drake and Rihanna have made their fans dream for a few weeks but this romance is not new, far from it! After their flirting face camera at the MTV VMA’s 2016, rumors were running on the two artists: formalization, marriage, baby … Rihanna and Drake were the couple of the moment that many people were waiting for. Unfortunately their romance stopped a few weeks later. If the Barbadian has not shown itself seriously with someone since, Drake has changed much. Last month in possible couple with Taylor Swift and in this month of December, it is with Jennifer Lopez that the rapper displayed! Anyone who thinks that Drake and Jennifer Lopez are couple to the buzz , yet they seem very happy together. What to displease Rihanna who did not delay to unfollow J.Lo on Instagram, which quickly confirmed the rumors. The pellet will be difficult to digest for Riri …
1 – Kim Kardashian gently returns to social life after his aggression in Paris.
Since her aggression in Paris last October, Kim Kardashian is the most discreet woman in the world, whereas she is the queen of social networks. His appearances are more than rare since the incident and especially without Kanye West, which revived the rumors of divorce on Kimye. And when it’s not a divorce is possible deception of the star … The bimbo reappears gradually on social networks, not his but those of her sisters, such as during the famous Christmas Eve Party of Kris Jenner. Khmer Kardashian unveiled some snaps of the evening and of course, Kim K was on. She also reappeared on the Snapchat account of her makeup artist who gave birth a few days ago. We hope that for 2017, Kim Kardashian is preparing a big comeback! Which news has most affected you during the month of December?