Kim Kardashian still assaulted in Beverly Hills, she speaks!

Entertainment 3 April, 2017

Was the reality TV star attacked again in Beverly Hills? Kim Kardashian finally spoke on this subject …
Times are not easy right now for Kim Kardashian. Kanye West ‘s wife is the target of the worst rumors and you hear a bit of everything every day. However, since she had a real nightmare during the Fashion Week in Paris, on October 3, the star of reality TV leaves nothing to pass. Moreover, recently, Kim Kardashian pushed a big blow against the haters . Last night, when she appeared more radiant than ever in an outfit, which seems to be the replica of her wedding dress, and with a brand new hairstyle, a rumor has been spread. Kim Kardashian was allegedly assaulted in Beverly Hills as she was leaving her restaurant.
So, what really happened last night on the Los Angeles side? Kim Kardashian, still vulnerable after Paris , was she really assaulted? The star of The Incredible Family Kardashian has taken his Twitter account to make things clear: “So, Jonathan Cheban has just called me and asked if I was okay because he had just Read that I had been assaulted at the exit of Mr Chow, that is totally false, what strange rumors ” . If Kim K denies the rumor, she speaks however of a person who approached too close to her : “A lambda s’ Is approaching me and almost got me in but he ended up on the pay-per-view. He did not attack me. I hope he is doing well! ” Well, what a story! Fortunately, there was more fear than evil.