Kim Kardashian supersexy for his family Christmas … With or without Kanye?

Entertainment 26 December, 2016

Will the American starlet finally be ready to make her big comeback?
Since the terrible robbery which she suffered in Paris at the beginning of October, Kim Kardashian was playing the card of discretion, showing only rarely. And when the famous 36-year-old bimbo came out of her house, no look of the big days but outfits.
As tradition has it, Kim Jardner, Kim Kardashian’s mother, organized a big Christmas party in her huge house in Calabasas. Thus Kim has regained all her sisters – Kourtney Kardashian with Scott Disick rabibochée , Kylie Jenner always sexy , Khloé Kardashian in love again and Kendall Jenner most discreet – the evening of 24 for a beautiful celebration organized in the presence of John Legend and Babyface. The two singers were responsible for setting the mood.
Absent from the social networks since her aggression, Kim K. agreed to be filmed by her little sister Khloé – abundant videos that the young woman shared on her Snapchat. It reveals women’s Kanye West particularly sexy, dressed in a golden cut dress with spaghetti straps, who married her generous curves. Side accessories, if she opted for a big black collar and mouth piercing, she did not wear his wedding ring. The starlet seemed in very great shape, as before her robbery that traumatized her so much.
And if his daughter North, dressed in Alexander Wang, also appears in the videos shot by Khloé, Kanye West seems absent. To believe The Sun , the famous rapper 39 years – recently interned to treat severe depression – was not invited to the party, his wife would have even banned. ” She refused to let him come to the annual celebration of Christmas Eve while still went there as a couple. He went to see a movie with friends while she was partying with her sisters ” A source told the English tabloid.
Faced with this new rumors of tension between Kim and Kanye, West Mrs. spokesman responded, saying that this rumor is ” false ” and that ” Kanye was at the party .” Why can not we see it on any image? Doubt is allowed.
The day before, on 23 December, the bimbo, and the rapper had been seen together when they had taken their daughter North, 3 years, see a ballet in Los Angeles, The Nutcracker , performed at the Arts Center. The girl was accompanied by her cousin, Penelope, daughter of Kourtney Kardashian.
If Kim and Kanye posed together, the complicity was not at all at the rendezvous. ” They are barely spoken ,” the source told the Sun. ” Tensions were palpable. Neither were in good spirits ,” she added. And photos taken backstage merely confirm …
According to latest reports, the celebrity couple would try to save his marriage by consulting separately . Therapy for the time being does not yet seem to bear fruit.