Kim Kardashian Terrified, She Needs Kanye West

Entertainment 12 January, 2017

Kim Kardashian is still not serene at the idea of ​​going abroad alone. As her next trip approaches, she needs Kanye West!
Kim Kardashian’s robbers were arrested earlier this week! If the reality TV star feels obviously relieved that the police have got their hands on her attackers, she also fears having to face them again in court. Kim Kardashian has been traumatized by this experience. If she goes much better today, that does not mean she is ready to travel the globe all by herself! While her first international flight since the robbery is fast approaching, the star of reality TV begins to panic. Thus, the mother of North and Saint would simply beg her husband, Kanye West, to leave with her in order to feel reassured. “Kim share in Dubai in a day or two and she wants Kanye join her on the journey” , said a source at HollywoodLife.
The first International trip is a big step for Kim Kardashian after trauma . “It’s her first trip abroad since her nightmare in Paris and she still does not feel 100% safe.” , The source continued. Unfortunately, it’s not easy for Kanye to jump on a plane to get to another country. “Kanye has had his own health problems and it’s simple to make a long trip.” , Said the indiscreet. The end of 2016 has actually not been easy for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. After turning the star, the rapper found himself admitted to a psychiatric hospital and the couple had to face divorce rumors. Perhaps maybe this trip is a good idea because if Kim Kardashian would feel safe, it could also bring in new Kimye. And do you think Kanye West should accompany Kim Kardashian?