Kim Kardashian: The adorable surprise of Kanye West for their 3 years of marriage

Entertainment 26 May, 2017

No more divorce rumors, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West celebrated their 3 years of marriage. Quickly discover the raunchy attention of the rapper!
Recently, Melty’s editor wondered if Kim Kardashian’s celebrity was more important than his wedding to him ? As a result, some US media suggest that the reality TV star is in a relationship with Kanye West for the visibility he brings her within the sphere people. But is this really the case? If the two lovebirds do not show as much together as before, they are not less fortunate. The proof, Kimmie recently celebrated its 3 years of marriage with the rapper, his wedding of wheat. Yes, it is on May 24, 2014 that the two lovers said “yes” under the sun of Florence , Italy . A very beautiful ceremony, Is held at Fort Belvedere and where many famous celebrities gathered. Surrounded by their loved ones, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, both dressed in Givenchy , united for life in front of their excited guests. Three years later, the couple Kimye is still happy .
Together since April 2012, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West – who may have completed a new album – have gone through many events. But despite the difficulties and the rumors of separation around their relationship, the two lovers did not parted and silenced their detractors. If some have doubted their future together, the couple is still there after three years of idyll. And to celebrate this beautiful wedding anniversary, the rapper released the big game. Crazy in love, Yeezy made a lovely surprise to his companion. When Kourtney Kardashian’s brother returned home, she discovered a flowerbed more beautiful than the others . Particular attention, Is eager to share on Snapchat . For her part, the pretty brunette of 36 years made a small statement to her husband on Instagram . A cliche under which one can read: “After three years, still a lifetime to pass together.” No doubt that the two lovebirds have not finished dreaming us. And you, how do you find the surprise of Kanye West? Have not finished making us dream. And you, how do you find the surprise of Kanye West? Have not finished making us dream. And you, how do you find the surprise of Kanye West?