Kim Kardashian traumatized, his last photo worries his fans!

Entertainment 24 January, 2017

Here is a new picture somewhat disturbing published by Kim Kardashian. The star, traumatized, still does not seem to have recovered from his aggression.
Kim Kardashian had a real nightmare on October 3rd. The star of reality TV was pointed at his private hotel during the Paris Fashion Week. If several million dollars of jewelry were stolen from her, it is not the material that seems to worry her. Since the attack, Kim Kardashian has trouble sleeping and feels continually observed. The wife of Kanye West did not give any sign of life for more than three months. In addition to this, the couple Kimye was on the verge of collapse. We also know that Kanye West Kim Kardashian begged not to leave . If everything seems to be back in order today, the last photo of Kim K has somewhat aroused his fans. The trauma seems to be still present.
It is well on his Snapchat account that Kim Kardashian has challenged his fans. The sister of Kylie and Khloe unveiled the book she was devouring at the moment. The title ? Here it is: “In the Arms of Light, a shocking document on the afterlife” . Of course, we doubt that Kim K seeks some comfort where it can and this reading seems to be in it. After her assault, Saint and North West’s mother asked herself many questions about her future. Today, Kim Kardashian has drastically changed life and can be seen daily on social networks. One thing is for sure, she can count on the support of her fans to give her a smile