Kim Kardashian unveils his new secret project!

Entertainment 5 April, 2017

She’s back! After several weeks of waiting, Kim Kardashian has unveiled his new secret project. Then then ?
Since her assault in Paris last October, Kim Kardashian is a new woman. The reality show star wants to relativize and live the life she wants. The hassles of the past seem to be buried and she wants to take a fresh start. Moreover, a new marriage between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West could very soon occur. The couple seems to get better and it’s really fun to see. In any case, Kim K is back and she intends to regain her position Queen very quickly. Besides, his new secret project, which has just been unveiled, is already a sensation. Ah, it was time Kim!
They are beautiful, they are hot and are always so scandalous … the new Kim Kardashian Kimoji have arrived and they smell good Coachella . Yes, in a few days, the Californian festival will be in full swing and for this occasion, Kim Kardashian, who recently shouted , decided to dedicate his emoji to this event. One discovers then mushrooms, a flask of alcohol or even Kimoji putting forward Kylie Jenner and her rainbow hairstyle . There are also objects used by the wife of Kanye West such as a buoy with the inscription LIT. One thing is for sure, these emoticons will make a sensation. So, what do you think of the new Kimoji of the star?