Kim Kardashian unveils what Kanye West hates at home!

Entertainment 12 February, 2017

If there’s one thing Kanye West does not like at his wife’s, that’s it! Kim Kardashian did not hesitate to reveal what her husband did not like at home.
How’s the Kardashian / West couple? Well, as usual, both celebrities still do, and always talk about it. This time, it is not divorce but much else. Since the breakdown of her husband, Kim K wants to have an eye on all the actions of Kanye West. But then, does Kim Kardashian control her couple? The sister of Kylie and Khloe no longer wants to let anything pass. She even asked her dear and tender to remove all her tweets on Donald Trump recently. When Kim wants something, she has it! Moreover, it is in a recent video that she does not hesitate to put forward what the rapper does not like in her. The star of reality TV, KUWTK , preferred to laugh with his fans …
A video published by Kim Kardashian Snapchats (@kimksnapchats) on11 Feb. 2017 at 13:57 PST
Kim Kardashian seems to have time to lose (obviously, of course). On Snapchat , the star has unveiled her wardrobe to her fans. One can then discover all the sublime outfits she possesses. Red carpet, photoshoot, Fashion Week … she does not hide anything. Then we moved on to the shoes and it must be said that it does not hurt. It was discovered that Kanye West had asked her to do the sorting recently but that she had not wanted to listen to her husband. The reason ? Well, Kim K explains it herself: “The funniest part is that I kept everything, as a souvenir, and when Kanye thought I had emptied my dressing room, I kept everything so that my daughter could Enjoy it one day ” . Oh that is nice is not it? In any case, the wardrobe of North West is already full! After unveiling 20 strange things about her, Kim Kardashian shared with her fans her little conjugal problems. Oops!