Kim Kardashian very proud of Kanye West after the Yeezy Season 5!

After the Yeezy Season 5 parade, Kim Kardashian congratulated her husband, Kanye West. Proud of her husband, she wanted to leave him a message …
We are not going to lie, for several months now, the couple Kimye is going through a painful phase. Whether it’s between Kim Kardashian’s attack in Paris or Kanye West’s break down, both celebrities have had a lot of worries in a short time. This has put the couple to a severe test. On top of that, when we learn that Kanye West has trouble with memory since her burnout , we do not know what to think. In any case, this did not prevent him from managing the Yeezy Season 5 parade as a real pro. Very much criticized during the Season 4, the rapper had the pressure. Despite some disparaging criticism, the star was unanimous.
Obviously, after the Yeezy Season 5 parade , Kim Kardashian published many backstage photos of the event. She is discovered in the company of her close friends but also of her husband. To congratulate her husband, the star of reality TV The Incredible Family Kardashian , wanted to leave him a message: “So proud of my baby and his incredible show, it was so good, I’m so proud of you ” . This is a message that fans of the Kimye couple have had to appreciate. In any case, after the fashion show, Kendall Jenner, Gigi and Bella Hadid had fun with Kim Kardashian . What’s better than ”

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