Kim Kardashian’s driver arrested in Paris

Entertainment 10 January, 2017

Kim Kardashian was tied, gagged and threatened with a weapon in her hotel in Paris on October 16, before the thieves fled with multi-million dollar jewelery.

Following the incident, some people accused the reality show of orchestrating their assault to get more publicity, but it has now been cleared because French police arrested 17 people during a raid Of the capital and in the south of France.

“These arrests are a good surprise because on one side, it will surely find jewelry,” Kim Kardashian’s lawyer Jean Veil told the Sun newspaper. And on the other hand, it puts an end to the scandalous speculations of some, who have found it intelligent to claim that this aggression was a staging, or a publicity thrust organized by Mrs. Kardashian. ”

He added that Kim Kardashian hoped to “silence” the skeptics. Police officers arrested 14 men and three women, aged between 23 and 72, including the 27-year-old driver of the Kardashian family in Paris.