King Arthur: Charlie Hunnam tease a hero different from the legend

Cinema 4 May, 2017

Charlie Hunnam will soon be displaying a new version of the Legend of King Arthur and tease a hero different from all the others.
If there is a legend that attracts directors like magnets, it is that of King Arthur. You can not count the films on the one who has had enough strength to take the sword out of the rock or who knows his knights around a round table so that all are equal, that his adventures are filmed for the small or big screen. He will be back in theaters on May 17 in a film directed by Guy Ritchie , whom we particularly need Sherlock Holmes and The Man from UNCLE , with the lead role in Charlie Hunnam recently seen in The Lost City of Z . The latter prefers to warn you that the hero you are going to discover will be very different from the versions seen previously.
He continues: “Guy Ritchie has a new vision of things, he decided to do the opposite and Arthur is a despicable and selfish character, but with a big heart, do not look for it . ” A role that Charlie Hunnam almost did not get as the director announced: “I had never seen his work and I judged him quickly because of his physique, but thanks to his personality and his charisma , He finally convinced me ” . If you missed it, the movie trailer King Arthur The Legend of Excalibur is.