King Arthur: David Beckham’s Cameo Unveiled in a New Excerpt

Cinema 12 May, 2017

More than a few days before discovering King Arthur in the dark rooms. For the most curious, we reveal a new excerpt.
It is beautiful, it is powerful, it is EXCEPTIONAL! King Arthur will be back in the dark rooms on Wednesday and this time it is Charlie Hunnam who lends him his features in a film directed by Guy Ritchie. The actor has also wanted to warn us, do not expect to discover a new classic version of the legend , the Arthur that we will discover on Wednesday has not much of the valiant knight friendly from all angles that we know. Yes, you can always count on Guy Ritchie to offer a new youth to classic characters. While we were revealing you in the 3 things to know about King Arthur that David Beckham would come to you a little cuckoo in the movie, we now have the pictures.
In the excerpt that we reveal above, we find the English footballer who seems to have lived intense battles! The latter, in full consultation with his soldiers, challenges our dear Arthur to take the sword out of the rock and it is then a real connection that settles between the exceptional object and the exceptional man, to the general surprise … We let you discover this with your own eyes and if you missed it, the trailer of King Arthur is still visible on melty!