Kingsman – The Golden Circle: New details unveiled on the Statesmen!

Cinema 21 July, 2017

Who are the members of Statesman, who will land in Kingsman: The Golden Circle? Thanks to Comic Con, we know a little more about at least two of them!

It is not because we are a hyper-trained and hyper-talented secret agent that we do not sometimes need a little helping hand! And it is not Eggsy (Taron Egerton) that will contradict us. The evidence, as was seen in Kingsman’s latest trailer – The Golden Circle, is going to go to the US Statesmen to help his American cousins ​​to face the new threat To target. How the British do not have the monopoly of the super agents! But who exactly are these Statesmen? Because, well, to be honest, we do not know much about these new characters and the organization to which they belong. Fortunately, the Comic Con in San Diego and the Fox panel devoted entirely to Matthew Vaughn’s film have already made up for a few holes about them.

And it was especially the characters of Halle Berry and Jeff Bridges who were more unveiled. We knew that the two actors would interpret agents of Statesman, but nothing more. The first interpreter thus Ginger Ale, who is there to ensure that all the members of the organization are well equipped. She is a little Merlin (Mark Strong) American. As for the second, he lends his features to Champagne, who is none other than the chief of Statesman. And the actors have a little teased during the panel the behaviors that one must expect of these two characters. According to Halle Berry, Ginger Ale is a true nerd, of great intelligence and much more complex than it seems.

As for Champagne, who likes to call himself “Champ”, he obviously wears his nickname badly since he prefers … whiskey! In fact, it would seem that the chief of Statesman is rather focused on alcohol since, according to Jeff Bridges, it looks like it “perfumes with whiskey”. And what about Hart, the character of Colin Firth, who will be back in the film? How is it that he can rise again from the dead? On this subject, the actor, also present on the panel, has only a small sibylline comment to make: “It’s a real mystery for me, I just know that I’m in the trailer.” You will understand, we will have to wait until the release of Kingsman – The Golden Circle, whose opening scene was unveiled at Comic Con, to have the answer to this question!