Kit Harington and Rose Leslie lovers on romantic holidays in Greece

Entertainment 5 May, 2017

Kit Harington and Rose Leslie are more in love than ever! The two stars agree a romantic break in Greece …
Rose Leslie confided in her relationship with Kit Harington ! The two actors met on the set of Game of Thrones , and Ygritte’s interpreter said she had to keep the secrets about the plots of the series, even after her departure at the end of season 4. In Effect, Kit Harington did not hesitate to inform him in preview of Jon Snow’s destiny when he was left for dead, which put the actress in a difficult position: ” Of course it is never pleasant To lie to someone but I could not tell the truth, I had promised Kit to say nothing, I had to respect my word, and then there was also a little personal pride.
Indeed, on the shots published by the magazine The Sun , one can see Kit Harington and Rose Leslie enjoy moments complices for two. They were photographed sharing laughter, obviously very in love and relaxed despite the untimely presence of paparazzi. Ultra-romantic photos that just make us dream. In other words, Emilia Clarke does not pose a threat to Rose Leslie ! Given the enamored looks Jon Snow interprets to his darling, it is obvious that he sees her. To convince oneself of it, it is enough to remember how Kit Harington had told the beginning of their story about the shooting of Game of Thrones in Iceland: “The country is so beautiful, The Nordic lights are magical and that’s when I fell in love. If you are already attracted by someone, and the person plays the one you are in love with in the series, it becomes very easy to fall in love . ” Like what, you often find love at work … What do you think, Do you have these pictures?