Kit Harington: Is Emilia Clarke a threat to Rose Leslie?

Entertainment 21 April, 2017

Rumors are becoming more and more present about the nature of the relationship between Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke … But is Rose Leslie worried though?
While the Game of Thrones series will soon be back on our screens – on July 16th – the fans can not wait anymore and we understand them! For good reason, season 7 looks explosive. But that’s not the only reason the program is talking. If we believe the latest news shared by some American media, the rumors around the actors of the show are going strong on social networks. Especially those on the two co-stars Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke. The reason ? A picture of the two actors kissing ignited the Web . We reassure you, it was only a cliché dating from 2012. Nevertheless, the suspicions about their complicity are tenacious.
This is the question everyone is asking. Does Rose Leslie who is none other than Kit Harington ‘s girlfriend have to worry about the ultra-accomplice relationship that exists between Emilia Clarke and her boyfriend? The answer is no. Moreover, the actress who plays in the series The Good Fight does not feel at all threatened by the interpreter of Daenerys Targaryen . According to the Starz Post revelations, the two stars of Game of Thrones have a purely friendly and professional relationship. The pretty redhead has no reason to be worried . Especially that in reality, the three actors are very good friends in real life. Since then, Rose Leslie, who recently appeared in love with Kit Harington on the red carpet of the London Oliver Awards , continues to live her idyll with her boyfriend and she is right! In your opinion, should Rose Leslie feel threatened by Emilia Clarke?