Kit Harington nude in Greece, he impresses his fans

Entertainment 20 May, 2017

Play Jon Snow, that muscle! Kit Harington unveils topless for the delight of his fans …
Kit Harington and Rose Leslie show their love during their holidays in Greece ! It is now several weeks since the two stars, who met on the set of the Game of Thrones series , burst together and explore the magnificent landscapes of the country. But if the two lovebirds are very discreet in the media and live their story as normally as they can, hard to escape the paparazzi! They were photographed many times while they shared complicated and romantic moments during their holidays, and the least we can say is that their happiness is palpable and that it pleases to see!
And on the side of Rose Leslie, one can easily understand how she cracked for Kit Harington! Indeed on new photos published by the Daily Mail , we can see the interpreter Jon Snow enjoy the sun by the pool. The actor is currently on the island of Santorini with his sweetheart, and the least we can say is that this extended vacation is doing him good! The interpreter of Jon Snow displays an impressive musculature, and he seems particularly relaxed. Despite their celebrity, Kit Harington and Rose Leslie remain discreet and keep their privacy private, the recipe of a couple that lasts ! And above all, despite their chaotic time jobs that often keep them away for months, They know how to end up recharging the batteries. One thing is for sure, they make us dream … What do you think of Kit Harington?