KJ Apa reveals how he had his scar on his face

Entertainment 23 May, 2017

KJ Apa is the revelation of the Riverdale series. His fans probably noticed the little scar he has on the forehead. How did it happen? Discover immediately all the details!
KJ Apa is the rising star of Hollywood . Discovered in the series Riverdale , the young man has not finished turning heads. Sexy boy in the TV show, it is just as much in real life. His fans are under the spell. Moreover, no one has been able to miss out on a brand that separates him physically. Yes, KJ Apa has a scar on the face that does not go unnoticed. But what happened to him? KJ Apa had recently been injured during the filming of the Riverdale series , but that is not why. The actor is simply involved in what he undertakes. But then how did he get his scar on his face? Immediately find out the answer!
KJ Apa is in everyone’s mind. His angel’s face remains engraved in the spirits and his fans want to know everything about him, especially how he had his scar on the forehead , and more precisely between the two eyes? Recently, KJ Apa and Cole Sprouse have taken photos with photos but not only , his co-star also grabbed his Twitter account to answer this question. He simply noticed with humor “Got this scar on my brow from thinking bout pot too hard tbh.” . However, it is well known that the truth is quite different, fortunately for him. Some time ago, a fan had already asked the question and KJ Apa replied that it was doing trampoline. Mystery solved! What do you think ?