KJ Apa (Riverdale) accused of fat shaming, he gets closer to his fans

Entertainment 28 May, 2017

While Riverdale season 1 has just ended, KJ Apa is in full seduction operation with his fans to make them forget the accusations of fat shaming.
It’s now or never ! A few weeks ago, we explained why the star of Riverdale was in turmoil: on Instagram, Internet users noticed that the interpreter of Archie Andrews had the bad idea to like a comment making fun of overweight people. Of course, it made the fans of Riverdale very angry . And obviously, KJ Apa’s team became aware of the magnitude of the case. As a result, the 19-year-old actor is continuing the communication operations. Before the MCM Comic Con, KJ Apa was particularly close to her admirers .
On social networks , this is even more obvious. Indeed, the interpreter of Archie Andrews regularly posts pictures of him in the company of viewers. An operation that seems to bear fruit since in recent days the accusations of fat shaming have been almost completely forgotten . And while we were recently told you who KJ Apa (Riverdale) or Tyler Posey (Teen Wolf) is the coolest , the first seems to be off to spend a beautiful summer. Currently at MCM Comic Comic of London, KJ Apa finally head out of the water. And you, what do you think of KJ Apa?