Kong – Skull Island: A dark film, but with humor

Cinema 13 January, 2017

Even if it suits, Kong – Skull Island will not be a dark film. According to one of his interpreters, the latter will even show humor!

With Kong Skull Island , Warner has a clear idea: to develop a new universe in which the giant King Kong will cross the path of Godzilla. The promise of a meeting between two monuments of cinema , one American, the other Japanese. And then a first picture of the King of Skull Island was unveiled , one of the actors, Corey Hawkins, revealed that the film would be dark but also possess a lot of humor. This interview is Collider who had the opportunity to realize it. The actor has explained that Kong Skull Island was “one of those trips where you have the opportunity to find some light moments. You can not be serious all the time, and in our darkest moments, we have to find the humor and lightness ” .
So how Kong Skull Island he plans to play the card of humor in the most difficult times? For face of not necessarily friendly tribes and other dinosaurs , impossible not to be worried about our heroes. Corey Hawkins find opportunity for Jason Mitchell, with whom he had shared the stage in NWA: Straight Outta Compton . Both actors also rub shoulders with Tom Hiddleston and Brie Larson (who soon will play Captain Marvel, whose plot could focus on the origins of heroin ). This new reboot of the character of King Kong – almost 10 years after the film of Peter Jackson – will arrive on our screens as of March next. What do you think of these revelations?