Kong – Skull Island: The Island of Kong, its mysteries and monsters unveiled in new Spots Tv

Cinema 30 January, 2017

Kong will be back in our dark rooms on March 8th and it is revealed in new extracts of the film.
A gigantic Kong, a dream cast and grandiose scenery … Kong will be back next March at the cinema and once again he will put us in full view. In this new film, Kong will face the half-brother of Thor Tom Hiddleston, the future Captain Marvel Brie Larson or the Former Director of SHIELD Samuel L. Jackson … You’ll understand that the battle will be severe . It is the director Jordan Vogt-Roberts who settles behind the camera and as you can see in the 4 excerpts below, he did well. While Tom Hiddleston asks for what kind of “hunting” he was hired, he will not be disappointed when he finds himself face to face with a Kong bigger than ever in Skull Island !
The King inhabits an island populated by creatures more impressive than the others and we would not really like to have them in front of us because they still flipper! So, will our troops manage to escape from Kong? The latter will obviously forge links with some members of the expedition, but be careful, do not look too much and if you are there to shoot it, we’ll have to hide! Until the release of the film, you can already find the last 3 posters unveiled Kong – Skull Island . Do you look forward to seeing Kong in the movies?