Kong – Skull Island: Three new posters with an imposing Kong

Cinema 20 January, 2017

The imposing Kong is revealed through three posters of the new film in which spectators will find the colossus: Kong – Skull Island.
The cinema is at the origin of many famous creatures, true myths for most spectators. And King Kong is one of them. Born in 1933, the giant has seen many adaptations and the latest was conducted by Peter Jackson – to whom we owe the trilogy of Hobbit and that of the Lord of the Rings – in 2005. The next date will be in the Jordan Vogt-Roberts and will feature a digital King Kong alongside Tom Hiddleston (known as Loki, super villain who will return in Thor 3 Ragnarok, whose Doctor Strange was confirmed to the cast ) and Brie Larson . For the occasion, three new posters were unveiled.
On the first photo, Internet users can discover the character of Brie Larson facing a strangely calm Kong. Impossible not to think of the famous story of the first film (and its remake) in which the giant monkey falls in love with a young human and blonde woman. The other two posters of Kong Skull Island, which will be a dark film but with humor , show instead a King Kong very angry not hesitating to attack the helicopters approaching him. With Kong Skull Island , the producers expect to set up a spinoff between the monkey and another Japanese mythical monster, Godzilla, in the years to come up. Do you like these posters?