Kong – Skull Island: What does the post-generic scene mean?

Cinema 14 March, 2017

The post-generic scene of Kong – Skull Island is far from trivial! So much so that it deserves to be dwelt on its meaning and on what it announces for the sequel.
Who said that only superheroes could benefit from extended universes? Why would not the gigantic monsters and the Japanese Kaijus also be entitled to it? If you wonder why the editorial ‘of melty asks these questions, then you have not yet seen the spectacular Kong: Skull Island , which came out last Wednesday in our cinemas. Neither his post-generic scene, suddenly. In this case, we prefer to warn you: the suite contains some spoilers that you might like to avoid! For the end credits sequence constitutes in itself a small bomb that deserves to be decrypted . Remember that Conrad (Tom Hiddleston) and Weaver (Brie Larson) were there when they were debriefed after they returned from Skull Island. They both swear never to reveal to the general public what they have seen during their terrible adventure. Then landed Huston (Corey Hawkins) and San (Tian Jing), who welcome them to the organization Monarch. Before showing their strange pictures in which we distinguish the silhouette of some well-known kaiju … to begin with that of Godzilla . So, what can this scene mean?
To understand this, we must first go back to 2014 and until the release of Godzilla , Gareth Edwards. It is indeed in this film that we hear for the first time of Monarch, this famous secret organization supposed to investigate the existence of the MUTO, gigantic monsters that populated the planet before the appearance of the men – and that the And Godzilla and the two creatures he faced at the end of the film. She was then represented by Dr. Ishiro Serizawa, interpreted by Ken Watanabe, who had the good sense to realize the true intentions of Godzilla. Except that it is now clear that the three monsters presented at the time in the film are not the only MUTO Earth and that there are many others,
The more observant of you will also probably recognized the monsters that can vaguely make out the famous photos shown at the end of Kong: Skull Island . One sees Godzilla of course, but also Rodan, a giant pterosaurs, King Ghidorah, a dragon with three heads and finally Mothra, the giant moth. All famous kaiju who made the heyday of the Tōhō and who all met one day road Godzilla , either as an ally or as an adversary. And today, the studios have well Legendary revive all these monsters in their MonsterVerse, the universe within which both Godzilla and Kong .
So yes, Godzilla and Kong: Skull Island are only the first two films of a film world that begs to be extended. And the post-generic scene of the second is there to teaser the creatures we are likely to find again in cinemas. Does that mean that Kong and Godzilla will face each other one day? We know that the next feature film will be called the MonsterVerse Godzilla: King of Monsters and is planned for 2019. A title that you will agree, does not give us many clues about what might s To go there! Perhaps he will relate one of Gozdilla’s old apparitions? Unless it takes us a few years after the events narrated in the film Godzilla and shows us the Kaiju face other monstrous creatures. Mothra, King Ghidorah and Rodan were in any case clearly intends to point a day after their (big) muzzle . One wonders especially if one recreates the characters of Conrad and Weaver, now that they belong apparently to the organization Monarch. The latter being in charge of observing and controlling the attacks of these monsters, it certainly does not doubt that some of its representatives will be of the party. As for Kong, which in 1973 has not yet reached its final size, We hope to be able to find him too in one of the next films of the MonsterVerse! What monster would you like to find then?