Kourtney Kardashian deceived by Scott Disick, she regains a smile!

Entertainment 2 February, 2017

Bad news for the Kardashian clan. Kourtney Kardashian was deceived by Scott Disick, but fortunately, in spite of this blow the young woman found the smile with his family …
Another couple that is torn … Kourtney Kardashian was publicly deceived by Scott Disick and the father of her children does is absolutely not hidden! On the contrary, he let himself be photographed kissing a model in Miami, and the next day he was photographed with a pretty blonde in his arms. But what happens to him? Did he want to take revenge because Kourtney Kardashian had been close to Justin Bieber a few days ago? One thing is certain, that the Kardashian family (and especially Kourtney) is going to live on difficult days. The pill will be hard to swallow but fortunately, it can count on the support of her sisters and her mother, always there for her . Besides, despite Scott’s betrayal, Kourtney managed to regain a smile. Look for yourself!
While the couple had been spotted in Costa Rica more in love than ever, Scott quickly forgot about his darling with two other women returning to the United States. But fortunately, Kourtney Kardashian leaves in no way foresee his misfortune and that’s probably the best thing to do. While Scott Disick deceived her, the young woman decided to smile at life and not to be defeated by a man. She was spotted in Calabasas on Tuesday, January 31 with her two younger children, Penelope and Reign. On his face, we can read a radiant smile and it is a pleasure to see. To view photos, click HERE . She is having a good time with her children and does not seem to be affected by Scott Disick’s behavior. This is the best of attacks! Waiting to see where this story will lead them, discover the ultra sexy pictures of Kardashian sisters in Costa Rica! What do you think of these pictures?