Kourtney Kardashian sexy in black bikini, she makes the buzz (PHOTOS)

Entertainment 18 July, 2017

In the Kardashian family, panicking the Web with sexy photos is a habit. And this time, it’s Kourtney’s turn to make the buzz on social networks with his latest post.

You know, the youngest of the Kardashian clan, Kylie Jenner, is the queen of social networks and buzz of all kinds. With more than 95.8 million subscribers on Instagram, the barely 19-year-old star is never lacking imagination to elicit strong reactions from his fans. And the least we can say is that this power of seduction 2.0 is family! Between Kim Kardashian who makes hot twerks, or Kendall Jenner who unveils her chest, no one can ignore these ultra hot women who make thousands of people dream of everyday life. And when Kourtney Kardashian, who is on a family vacation, decides to do like his sisters, it is the buzz assured!

On his Instagram account, Kim Kardashian’s sister literally made the temperature rise. At the same time, it ‘s summer we would say! And it is in black bikini that one discovers the young woman to the 58 million subscribers. Ultra sexy and with a body of dream, the pictures of Kourtney Kardashian in bikini on the beach did not go unnoticed. In just a few hours, the star has collected not less than 700,000 “like” and more than 2000 comments: “Wow, you are so canon Kourtney, I adore you” was read among the many messages left under the cliché. You will have understood, Kourtney Kardashian who had recently shocked the Web, has nothing to envy to his sisters!