Kourtney Kardashian shows her ass on social networks

Entertainment 21 July, 2017

Kourtney Kardashian does not go unnoticed in recent times on social networks. After making the buzz in bikini, here it is that shows her butt on the Web!

What about Kourtney? It seems that summer is growing wings to the star of the Kardashian clan, and gives it especially hot! But if, remember, Kourtney Kardashian recently made the buzz on social networks by revealing itself in ultra sexy black bikini. And yes, it does not take more to his community of fans to panic as soon as the ex of Scott Disick poses in a very sexy way. But it seems that its subscribers did not have enough, since the 38-year-old star decided to hit even harder. Kourtney offered a real gift to his subscribers, and here he is!

We all know, Kourtney Kardashian makes crazy Scott Disick cooking with Younes Bendjima. But there is also something to make her ex jealous when posting really sexy pictures on the Web, is not it? In her Instragram account, where she has more than 58 million subscribers, the eldest of the Kardashian clan unveiled a picture of her buttocks, which literally scared her fans. So on the cliché, we discover Kourtney facing the sea, sipping a cocktail. But it is not the most striking landscape here, it is his swimsuit burgundy that puts his posterior highlight. In just a few hours, the photo has collected not less than a million “like”, a real cardboard for the star!