Kris Jenner abuses photoshop and gets humiliated on the Web

Entertainment 23 June, 2017

Bad buzz for Kris Jenner! The 61-year-old momager has just been taken in flagrante delicto photoshop and the net surfers have not hesitate to criticize her.
At the moment, nothing is going well in the most publicized Los Angeles clan . While Caitlyn Jenner unveiled her book confessions, Khloe Kardashian and Kris Jenner are ready to do anything to ruin his career . The reason ? The ex-wife of the Olympic athlete can not bear to have been depicted as a real monster in his book and even plans to write his own. Suffice to say that the atmosphere is more than tense in Hollywood . Difficult to think that tensions will one day subside. Anyway, Kris Jenner continues to manage her daughters’ careers and support them. Not a single day passes without her talking about the success of her children. From their magazine covers to the launch of their collections of beauty products, Mom is their first supporter. But when the business woman decides to make a sponsored post, it’s the drama …
Like his daughters, Kris Jenner often promotes a detox tea on Instagram . But while the momager recently published a picture of her in sportswear on which she discovered her pretty plastic, Internet users did not remain indifferent. Some of them did not bother to criticize Kim Kardashian’s mother for his abuse of photoshop . Visibly ready to do anything to look slimmer at the waist and arms, Kris Jenner did not hesitate to refine his silhouette. A fairly visible detail that did not really please its community of subscribers who then amused themselves by making fun. “Lies you can clearly see that ‘ Is photoshopped under his left arm. You’re grilled! In addition, your tea makes you want to make caca ” then wrote a surfer under the post while another has clearly highlighted the retouch. Decidedly, here is a cliche that has not finished making react on social networks . just like the latest buzz hilarious Kate Middleton . And you, what do you think of this photo?