Kris Jenner at war with Scott Disick, buzz revelations

Entertainment 7 February, 2017

Alert drama between Kris Jenner and Scott Disick! Very upset after the Lord, the momager would have decided to set things straight with him …
When Kendall Jenner reveals half naked for Love Magazine, Kris Jenner is proud and does not hesitate to show it. Because yes, the momager of the Kardashian-Jenner clan is on all fronts. She even manages the polemics and heart problems of her children. The proof ! You are aware that in recent days, Scott Disick is a real bad buzz on the web. The reason ? So we thought the couple again with Kourtney Kardahshian , brown beautiful was seen being fricoter with several models to Miami . Photos that have not failed to provoke strong reactions on the social networks. Starting with that of Kris Jenner who has not bothered to react to this blatant disrespect for her eldest daughter. Determined to fix things, the 61-year-old businesswoman then handed the ideas to Scott Disick!
And this is the website Radar Online that reports these indiscretions. According to a source, the mother of Kim Kardashian would not be there mince with Dad Mason : “Kris told Scott he had to leave immediately and return to Miami Kourtney and her children otherwise fine end badly for him.” A board that Scott Disick has obviously followed witnessed the last picture he posted on Instagram . A cliché on which you can see him on board a plane. But that’s not all ! If one believes the informant, Kris Jenner who would again couple with Caitlyn Jenner , do not do it all by heart goodness : “Kris is trying to control the situation because she wants Kourtney and Scott have a Confrontation in front of the cameras of KUWTK. Obviously, she wants to use this sequence for the show. ” For its part, the Lord would have reacted quarter turn after the indiscreet : “Scott told Kris that she is pathetic and that she cares more about his show that Kourtney and torque.” In other words, things get complicated within the Kardashian-Jenner clan. In your opinion, can tensions subside between Kris and Scott?