Kris Jenner: Caitlyn swings over their sex life

Entertainment 21 April, 2017

Is Kris Jenner losing control? Caitlyn multiplies the revelations very embarrassing for her …
Kris Jenner is furious with Caitlyn, and she races it in season 13 of The Incredible Kardashian Family ! The momager counterattacks after Caitlyn’s shattering revelations that she was aware of her desire to transition early in their relationship. Relations between Kendall’s parents and Kylie’s are at their lowest, and Caitlyn seems unwilling to be silenced by her ex. Not only did she insist that the matriarch was lying and posing as a victim in the media, but now she continues to revel in her married life at the beginning of their marriage when she was still Bruce. This is what we read in an excerpt from his memoirs, The Secrets of My Life ,
Caitlyn Jenner continues: “There was love between us … But my attitude to it had not changed since high school, I was never totally comfortable with it . ” Very intimate revelations that may not please Kris Jenner! Especially since Caitlyn did not hesitate to add that at the end of their relationship, the sex in their couple had been non-existent for a long time. If the momager willingly sells her private life and that of her children since the first seasons of The incredible Kardashian Family , it is only when she can write everything in a way advantageous for her. Suffice to say that the free electron attitude of his ex does not like it at all! Since Caitlyn Jenner made a shattering revelation about Kris’s past , the momager is in total panic and fears that her image will be tarnished by these revelations. The response should not be long … What do you think of Caitlyn’s revelations?