Kris Jenner ready to marry Corey Gamble? It expresses itself

Entertainment 22 February, 2017

Will Kris Jenner get married with Corey Gamble? The momager gives the answer …
Kris Jenner has made amazing revelations about Kim Kardashian’s robbery ! The matriarch of the clan confided in an interview, claiming that Kim was going to tell everything about this traumatic experience in the thirteenth season of The Incredible Kardashian Family . For the women of the clan, business really comes first! But if Kris Jenner never hesitates to reveal his private life, or at least to follow the scenario of the family show, there is one subject on which it has remained discreet in recent years: it is his Relationship with Corey Gamble! The momager married the beautiful manager of 25 years her younger right after the announcement of her divorce with Caitlyn Jenner, and since the couple holds! Despite their great age difference, The two celebrities seem inseparable, to the point where the media wonder about a possible marriage. Kris Jenner, who has two weddings behind her, is she ready to jump again?
The matriarch of the Kardashian-Jenner clan gave the answer to this question in an interview for The Ellen DeGeneres Show : “You know, I’ve already married twice, and it did not work, so I do not know “You never know . ” The momager cited the example of actress Goldie Hawn, who never married longtime companion Kurt Russell: “I will follow the example given by Goldie and Kurt, and even by Kourtney. Think that as long as things go well, it is useless to change them . ” It is true that Kourtney Kardashian has recently refused Scott Disick’s request for marriage , and that she has always claimed not to believe in marriage. But if the momager does not seem convinced by the possibility of a union between her and her young darling, on the other hand she strongly encourages Khloe Kardashian to marry Tristan Thompson! It must be said that it would help the hearings of KUWTK … What do you think?