Kris Jenner ridiculed on television, his fans clash

Entertainment 3 March, 2017

Bad buzz for Kris Jenner! The momager made a monumental gaffe live on television, and it did not escape its fans …
Caitlyn Jenner ready to drag Kris Jenner to court ! It was thought that the relationship between the two stars had improved since their divorce in 2013, but rather the opposite happens. And Caitlyn has reason to be upset! The momager would have refused to pay her for her appearances in The Incredible Kardashian Family and for several commercial projects. In short, it seems that the matriarch of the Kardashian-Jenner is ruthless in business to the point of not hesitating to rip off his ex, who this time did not hesitate to rebel. And the troubles are just beginning for Kris Jenner! She has hosted an E! , Where his role was to comment on the outfits worn by the stars at the Oscars 2017. A rather prestigious role for the mother of Kim Kardashian, except that she is planted in beauty! Indeed, while commenting on the dress of actress Ruth Negga, Kris Jenner asked why she had pinned a blue ribbon to her dress. Presenter Giuliana Rancic had to explain to him that it was a symbol of the American Civil Liberties Union , or American Civil Liberties Union .
An association that is currently opposed to Donald Trump and his administration, and that many stars have chosen to publicly support at the Oscars 2017. But obviously Kris Jenner is not very aware of the political and social news of his country, And it did not like the fans at all! On social networks they accused her of leading a privileged lifestyle and not worrying about the disturbing consequences of the election of Donald Trump. But Kris Jenner did not like these criticisms, according to a source from the Radar Online website : “Kris made a scandal after the show. She accused the production of having a trap and told them That it was their role to inform him of the meaning of the little blue ribbon ” . The momager shows bad faith! It must be said that the women of the Kardashian-Jenner clan are not known for their sense of commitment. Kris Jenner, who is in admiration before Kendall on Instagram , should she get out of her bubble? What do you think of Kris’s reaction?