Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxell as a couple: The two women do not leave each other any more

Entertainment 5 January, 2017

The actress and the mannequin have again reappeared side by side.
After being very busy with her latest projects, Kristen Stewart now seems a good time. Wednesday, January 4, the actress was spotted during an outing in Los Feliz and Silver Lake, Los Angeles. Dressed in a black bomber jacket, dark jeans and a pair of sneakers, the American star was not alone because she was accompanied by her new sweetheart, model Stella Maxwell .
Unseparated for about a month, the two 26-year-old women were shopping a few times when they caught the attention of photographers. Hidden behind thick glasses, Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell were full of salads and smoothies. Renowned for their discretion, they quickly made their way through the paparazzi before returning to their vehicle.
This is the first time the couple is seen in Los Angeles. Before that, the former star of the saga Twilight and the Angel Victoria’s Secret had been photographed in Savannah, Georgia. Stella Maxwell had visited Kristen Stewart on the set of his new film, Lizzie . ” They play a lot. Kristen spent several days with Stella and was most of the time with him during the shooting. She looks very happy when Stella is air ,” said a close to the magazine People 22 December.
Prior to attending the former girlfriend of singer Miley Cyrus , the Chanel muse had a brief romance with the singer St. Vincent, aka Anne Clark (ex-girlfriend Cara Delevingne ). The couple formalized their relationship in October before splitting a few weeks later.