Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell accomplices for Valentine’s Day

Entertainment 15 February, 2017

Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell, it’s serious! The two young women have spent Valentine’s Day together …
Kristen Stewart is madly in love with Stella Maxwell , we have confirmation! For the past few months, the two stars have not left each other, and Victoria’s Secret’s beautiful model even visited the actress on the set of her latest film. Faithful to herself, Kristen Stewart prefers to keep low profile and not to attract too much attention, but the paparazzi managed to surprise the two young women in full romantic Valentine’s Day. Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell spent the day together, as we can see in the photos of the Daily Mail , and if they did not look excited about the presence of the paparazzi, their complicity is undeniable. Kristen has fluttered, but it seems that she is ready to land with the pretty blonde. Should we expect official confirmation soon?
For if Kristen Stewart refused to comment on her love life when she was a couple with Robert Pattinson at the time of Twilight , things have changed. Indeed, as she repeatedly told in her interviews, Kristen Stewart fully claims her bisexuality and thinks that her stories of love with women should not be hidden, on the contrary. An effective way to fight for the representation of bisexual people, who are often discriminated against because of their preferences. Kristen Stewart, who was hilarious in a parody of Saturday Night Live where she seduced a housewife maltreated by her husband, has come out of her shell in recent years. If the Twilight period n ‘ Was not easy to live because of the constant media coverage that was imposed on her, today the actress took over the reins and assumed fully. And we love it like that! What do you think of this couple?