Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell more in love than ever!

Entertainment 5 January, 2017

The couple formed by Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell seems to be working well. The two young women seem more in love than ever …
It’s crazy love between Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell . The two young women spend a lot of time together and do not seem to want to leave each other. Well, that was also the case with his old girlfriends. Yes, between SoKo, Alicia Cargile or St Vincent, 2016 love Kristen Stewart was busy. Today, it is in the company of the angel of Victoria’s Secret that the former actress of the saga Twilight spends his days. Moreover, KStew was recently seen more in love than ever with the pretty Stella Maxwell. Can their couple actually last?
The weather lends itself to drinking smoothies in Los Angeles! As one can discover from these photos by clicking HERE , Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell made on vitamins last Wednesday. If they have not really formalized their sentimental relationship, their rapprochement is evident. Only days after his break with St Vincent , the face of the Chanel brand has found the Shoe Fits. In fact, during the shooting of her last film, Stella Maxwell had visited her darling several times. Who knows, maybe the international model is the right one for the actress … Case to follow. Anyway, we are still wondering why Kristen Stewart appeared face swollen by the end of 2016. Bizarre, weird! So, what do you think of the couple formed by KStew and Stella Maxwell?