Kristen Stewart is ready to do anything to save her brother in A Day in the Life of Billy Lynn, our critic

Cinema 1 February, 2017

Kristen Stewart is now in the movie Billy Lynn’s Un Jour dans la Vie. Discover our film critic.
If A Day in The Life of Billy Lynn does not make as much noise as La La Land or Jackie, now in cinemas , it deserves no less attention. The film directed by Ang Lee ( Life of Pi , Brokeback Mountain ) tells the story of Billy Lynn, a young Texan of 19 who is part of an infantry regiment in Iraq suffered a Violent attack. After surviving the altercation, he is erected as a hero alongside his comrades and repatriated to the United States by the Bush administration who wishes to see them paraded in the country … before returning to the front. A touching story that allows us to discover a little-known side of the War and the lives of American soldiers sometimes victims of the patriotism of their country.
The story is touching and despite the drama surrounding these young soldiers and the trauma of the war, we do not sink into melodrama and we laugh with them. What particularly moved us into the story is the relationship that Billy Lynn shared with her sister played by Kristen Stewart who feels responsible for his brother’s path. They are very connected and the relationship they share is moving. Kristen Stewart proves once again that it is perfectly comfortable in the drama and Joe Alwyn, who signs his first role, is impressive accuracy . We loved it!