Kristen Stewart: Personal Shopper, his best role? It expresses itself

Kristen Stewart has changed a lot since Twilight! The young woman confides in her evolution in interview …
Kristen Stewart explained why she decided to shave her head ! The young woman revealed that she had chosen this ” practical ” cut according to her for the needs of her upcoming role in Underwater . In this highly anticipated action movie, Kristen Stewart interprets a scientist trapped in a submarine following an earthquake. And according to her, this new look will allow her more comfort once on the set: “I mean, I will not need to touch up once the helmet is on my head .” One thing is certain, we are eager to discover Kristen Stewart in the skin of a scientist “blase and insensitive” . A role opposite to that of ” She performs for Olivier Assayas in Personal Shopper , where she plays a lonely young woman who tries to communicate with her deceased twin brother. An interpretation that earned him rave reviews and was unanimously described by the press as his best role. But what does she think?
In an interview for The Blade , Kristen Stewart comments on this very difficult role: “It’s the most lonely person I ever interpreted. There is a default reality in which we accept to live with each other But she is not at all in it and trust me, she would love to wake up in the morning, have her coffee and be normal, but she has her concerns with these big questions that have no answer, and It obsesses him to the point that it can no longer function normally ” . And why is she so convincing in the role? According to Kristen Stewart: “Rather than trying to show something to someone, I would rather accidentally reveal something to someone. Always try to parameterize me to completely let go, so that it is always me that I show. I can not bring anything other than myself . ” Kristen Stewart, who has confided in Robert Pattinson , is getting more and more, and we love it … What do you think of Kristen’s confidences?

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