Kristen Stewart presents her first film, has she seduced the Cannes Film Festival?

Entertainment 27 May, 2017

After her long acting career, Kristen Stewart decided to move to the other side of the camera and presented her very first film in Cannes. What are the first returns?
She must have been really stressed! We know (and we love) all Kristen Stewart, the heroine of the Twilight saga , who already has at his age a filmography that makes dream. Café Society of Woody Allen, Personal Shopper , Snow White and the Hunter , where Kristen Stewart had an affair with Rupert Sanders , and many more. But today, at only 27 years old, the American actress decided to spend a whole new course in her career . Indeed, the ex of Robert Pattinson wished to pass on the other side of the camera. As you can see, KStew turned into a director, so she made her very first film.
And it was at the Cannes Film Festival that the star decided to present her new baby, a short film entitled “Come Swim”. What is it about ? Well for 17 minutes, Kristen painted a portrait of a man with a broken heart. This film, which is interpreted by Josh Kaye, has the peculiarity of having images shot under water. Emotion, originality but also realism, Kristen Stewart who upset the codes at the Festival , has she managed her bet? For the moment what we know, beyond the fact that it caused a sensation on the red carpet, is that her first time as a director is very promising, and that some have discovered in her a Real potential. This is a new turning point in Kristen Stewart’s career, for sure!