Kristen Stewart: Twilight, her career, her bisexuality … She says it all!

Entertainment 10 March, 2017

Kristen Stewart trusts like never before! The actress confesses in an interview without taboo …
Kristen Stewart is proud of her sexuality ! The young woman does not hesitate to talk about the fact that she is bisexual, and she is determined to advance mentalities. Currently in full promotion of her latest film, Personal Shopper , Kristen Stewart gave an interview to The Guardian , in which she confides as never before. Robert Pattinson’s ex is returning to his Twilight period , which was difficult to live for her because of the constant media coverage: “I was afraid, I felt assaulted, but it was a mechanism Defense, I think I’ve grown since . ” The young woman went on to explain his approach to acting: “I ‘ Does not happen to play someone other than myself. I know actors who say ‘Oh that role has nothing to do with me, it’s just a character’. And I think ‘Yes, but that’s your interpretation of the character’. Because you can never do anything but be yourself. It will always be you . ” But if Kristen Stewart is not afraid to be herself in her roles, she also assumes her full privacy!
Indeed the young woman was again entrusted to his bisexuality: “I talked, and it was a very positive experience Yet it is hard to talk about I do not want to sound presumptuous, because.. Everyone has their own experience Sexuality is a very blurry area I’m just trying to highlight the fluidity, the blurring that always existed Now we are allowed to talk about it Of course there are always prejudices , People who live horrible things, but it’s cool that we can finally express ourselves, not to have this obligation to define ourselves as gay or straight, we are not confused when we are bisexual. ‘For me, it’s quite the opposite .’ Kristen Stewart, Who provoked surprise with his shaved head , is no longer afraid to say what she thinks and do what she wants! Despite her fame, the young woman has kept her feet on the ground, and we can only admire her for that. What do you think of Kristen’s revelations?