Kristen Stewart unfaithful to Robert Pattinson, she expresses herself and clashes Donald Trump

Entertainment 5 February, 2017

During her participation in the SNL, Kristen Stewart was released. If she confirms her infidelity to Robert Pattinson, she also clash Donald Trump live …
Well, well, we did not expect such a speech from Kristen Stewart last night. During his participation in Saturday Night Live , the actress was dropped altogether. Very discreet about her personal life or about her political opinions, the young woman clearly wanted to make things clear. Remember, there are some days, Kristen Stewart Clashe Donald Trump . The President of the United States tweeted, some years ago, some pretty hard messages about the infidelity of Kristen Stewart. On his personal account, Donald Trump took the defense RPatz . Today, Kristen Stewart takes her revenge and she does not mince words. But then, is confirming his infidelity in live is also a way to make amends to his ex, Robert Pattinson?
The couple Robsten were several dark periods and the two concerned have never hidden. During his participation at SNL , Kristen Stewart returned to the subject: “I ‘m a little nervous to present the SNL because I know that the president looks and I think he does not like me Here’s how I know.: 4 years ago, I dated a guy named Rob … Robert hum … We broke and we got back together and without really understanding why this has made Donald Trump mad ” . We told you, the former actress of the saga Twilight pulls no punches. It then goes on to state highlighting the 11 tweets disparaging the US president against him . She concluded the first part of his monologue by saying that Donald Trump was “in love with her boyfriend” of the time and gives him a final message: “If you did not love me before, you’ll still love me less because I present the SNL guy and I’m gay ” . That is said for the star! Now, if it seems to be serious between Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell , we will always have in mind the mythical couple Robsten formed.